• jenny giblin

The Journey

I know that everyone has wanted me to talk about what I have been thru the past 3 years on this spiritual/health journey...but all I have wanted to do lately is to stay in the present moment and soak in all of these magical vibes of Hawaii...✨

But I will say recovery was a lot like what it took to actually get to this waterfall. I used to be able to go to it easily all the time...this time there was a landslide that blocked us from going there...but we didn’t give up and we drove around the entire island to get there. We were told there were trees blocking it completely and it was closed but we didn’t give up and tried anyway...we got lost and had to try again two more times and on the third time (third times the charm) we got attacked by literally a swarm of mosquitos and discovered there were not just a few trees to climb over but a massive amount of trees that were down for miles and all tangled in a way that would make it impossible to get thru.

And just when we started to give up a police officer showed up but instead of getting in trouble (since it was closed) I told him that I felt like this was a healing waterfall and it helped me so much the last time I had been there and he not only let us go but told us there was a secret back way and we had never been there before but I kept going and then I made it to this waterfall. And it made this moment so much more incredible because of everything it took to get to it.

If I did not have my spiritual practice I never would have made it through anything I have been thru but I believed I would and that is why I did not give up. So I am looking forward to start sharing more about everything I have learned from the beginning and connecting again with all of you. 🌴💛🙏🏽