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The 3 most important things you need to boost your health & mood.

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

I first met Food Babe years ago at an event in the time I had just graduated from school to be a Therapist and my career was just starting to take off. One of my friends from school had introduced me to her since she reminded her of me, because we were both so passionate about food & how it impacts our mood...

After I got to met her, I knew we had connected to each other for a reason. I thought the reason was just to help others...& but I didn't know yet I was also sick and about to go thru an unreal health journey of my own...

My Supplements Story:

I was eating really healthy & I still got sick...

1 of the very 1st things my Dr. put me on was Vitamin C & Vitamin D.

I had to stop going to the Dr at one point after spending my savings on treatment but while I continued to recover I started drinking tons of orange juice (pure vitamin C)...our body just knows sometimes what it needs.

Your mood & health are intrinsically related.


I had pretty much had an undercurrent of anxiety my entire disappeared for the first time once I began drinking Sakara water (which contains magnesium)...I felt like everyone needed it but not everyone maybe wants to spend $45 on water...

But overall most people are not getting enough vitamins/ today I wanted to share the 3 more important ones you need to boost your health & mood.


Magnesium is an essential mineral your body needs, except most people are deficient in it....

It is super helpful in aiding digestion and in maintaining healthy blood sugar...but most importantly it can boost your mood. It promotes balance in the brain, so that overall you can begin to feel more relaxed & calm all throughout the day. And it also promotes a good night's sleep both by helping you relax during the day, and to both fall & stay asleep at night...

I cannot emphasize the importance of Magnesium enough when it comes to decreasing anxiety, and helping promote calmness, relaxation, & mental clarity...


I've talked about this before: depression link . = the missing key.

Vitamin C is an incredible antioxidant that comes to the body's defense & supports the body's immune system...but not just when you're sick though.

Vitamin C does more than just boost our also boosts our mood.

Two of the earliest signs of Vitamin C Deficiency are fatigue & decreased mood, which can develop even before a full blown deficiency develops...but what is fascinating is that anxiety & depression can improve within just a few days of high quality supplementation & sometimes have even been found to improve right away, within 24 hours...

And according to an analysis of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vitamin C strongly appears to have cancer fighting properties. The more I began to research Vitamin C the more I began to wonder why does everyone not know this. Or maybe you know you should probably be getting more Vitamin C but you don't know why....

Vitamin C benefits:

Vitamin C protects the nervous system, which leads to emotional stability, better memory, & a sense of also supports healthy immune function & can enhance healing from all auto-immune conditions. It can also reduce inflammation (by limiting free radicals b/c it is such a powerful antioxidant), aids in digestion, and is also critical for your eye health, your heart & even brain health. And last but not least it improves hair, skin & nails and is important for collagen production, which keeps your skin more elastic & youthful.

But it doesn't work if you don't take it...and basically I think everyone should be taking it.

Most adults need @ least 60-90mg of Vitamin C. The Truvani Vitamin C is 2,000 IU and contains 135mg/day, which is 150% of your daily value needed

This Vitamin C is also made from the Amla berry, which contains a highly concentrated level of Vitamin C that is:

  • 20x more powerful than oranges

  • 50x more than Blueberries &

  • 75x more than Pomegranate & Goji berries...


Vitamin D is sometimes known as liquid sunshine....aka the sunshine vitamin! This is for a plays a huge role in boosting both our mood & immunity, just like the sun.

In addition to supporting a healthy immune system, it also supports brain function (& can even create new brain cells) and can give you an instant mood can also help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels (which leads to less irritability & sugar cravings).

Overall Vitamin D can help support enhanced energy, focus & mood so that you can begin to feel like yourself again...but it actually may be much more important than we previously thought.

One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that Vitamin D can greatly help reduce your likelihood of developing the flu. Another study has shown Vitamin D to support weight loss & helping with maintaining your ideal weight significantly more than a placebo & the same has been found so far in every recent study with Depression...

And another study has shown that it is effective in reducing the risk of M.S. (which we now know is most likely caused by the Epstein Barr virus, which is now thought to be behind almost all auto immune Fibromyalgia....and interestingly in another study of people with Fibromyalgia, Vitamin D deficiency was found to be higher normal, & so was there is definitely a connection between both our mood & physical health, and Vitamin D may have played a much bigger role in that than we ever knew before.

*Supplements & how they are made...

* Vitamin C: is often made by companies extracting absorbic acid from genetically modified (GMO) cornstarch or corn syrup (which can actually cause weight gain) and then companies combine it w/ chemicals like hydrochloric acid. This one is purely extracted from the Amla berry, which is a powerful superfood...

*Vitamin D: this blew me away. The way they make it is by extracting lanolin (aka the fat from a baby lamb) using a scouring process, washing it in detergent, & then putting it thru a series of processing...This Vitamin D is extracted from a small plant called a lichen (& is not cruel to animals)...

And almost all other companies currently make magnesium in a lab where it processed multiple times through different reactors & chemicals. Other magnesium supplements are helpful but most contain "natural flavors" which can actually be chemicals, and citric acid (which is MSG.). But this one by Truvani is made only with pure minerals from the Dead Sea...There are no added flavors and no MSG. Instead it is made with organic rice hulls, organic Acacia Fiber (which helps even more with digestion), & at 400 mg this one is higher than most magnesium supplements out there (& you can easily take just as a supplement without needing to mix it into anything).

Each of these 3 supplements are so essential on their own but they may also have a synergistic effect which can make them even more powerful & effective once they're combined.

That is why I love that Truvani created this special Basics Bundle that gives you all three of these supplements so that your mind & body are getting everything they need.

The Essential Basics Bundle includes:

*Immuno C: vitamin C to boost your immune system! ($24.99)

*Bottled Sunshine: vitamin D to support energy & mood. ($19.99)

*Mineral Magic: magnesium to support relaxation & sleep. ($14.99)

This is a $59.97 value...BUT it's also 30% off right now to celebrate their launch! So you can get the entire collection for only $41.97 (but this promotional price ends on Tuesday, July 23rd!!)

One of the reasons Truvani is one of my favorite companies is because their #1 priority is ingredients. As stated in their mission statement, "We believe in real food w/o chemicals...products w/o toxins...and labels w/o lies. Also ALL of their products are tested for heavy metals, and they have a super easy, 30 day return policy with no questions asked if for any reason you decide you to need to return them.

This Basic Essentials Bundle gives you an entire month's supply of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, & Magnesium...and you get to save 30% off just to celebrate the newest launch!! Don't forget that this special price ends this Tuesday, July 23rd. You can get everything you need right here.