original course graphic 


(and also how i originally grew my following/what i became known for/my quotes and therapizing)

PR Logo

Where I first discovered Instagram...at a navy diver camping party on the beach. 

The first time I ever worked from my phone:

on vacation in Hawaii (while I was being assigned clients in gradschool)...

my life before/in gradschool: 
I knew I was meant to have a deep purpose but had no idea what came next for me...and whether I wanted to move back to Hawaii or stay in NY and get licensed as a Therapist...and while I was waiting to decide my life became very different and it was all because of Instagram....

my life after instagram 

me & bio? 

instagram logo from my 1st Course launch

all of my offices in the past: mexico, bonaire, hawaii, & on the plane 

Laptop lifestyle....

What the Course includes: 

Retreats and Events that I have been able to lead/experience ....

not just me...I began to teach my clients how to do the same...

testimonial: Regan Shifflett 


first 1,000 followers 

testimonial: Jamie Servellon @jsmediagirl

reached her 1st 1,000 followers

Testimonial: Brandy Littles 

@brandylittles 1,800 followers 

testimonial Victoria Mann 



Testimonial: Andee Love 

@andeelove_ 13,000 followers 

(first 2 pics are from when i worked with her but i love the 3rd pic too...cant decide on one!) 

Testimonial: Anna Lozano 

@_annalozano, 19,000 followers 

testimonial : chanelle segerius bruce





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